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Cancer treated by Genome Analysis.

Precision medicine means precision medicine (or personalized medicine) that suits the individual based on genome analysis.

It means that each person’s genetic variation is analyzed in detail and appropriate drugs are prescribed according to the results. The issue of  “NEWS WEEK”, October 22, 2019, introduces an attempt to create a drug that can identify the DNA that causes cancer by checking genome analysis with AI.

The genome is a state that contains 1 pair (2 sets) of DNA information. A gene refers to a part of DNA. Some parts do not contain genetic information.

Genome-DNA- Gene

The human genome is a human blueprint consisting of 3 billion base pairs. There are 200 million genes.
In fact, cancer is a problem with intracellular proteins, and weak immunity can mutate cells and grow bad copies.

The target of the drug is not a gene but a protein. The AI ​​will continue to read examples of the protein patterns and find prescriptions to prevent bad behavior. Radiation therapy doesn’t work for everyone. Genetic testing should be the standard treatment for cancer.