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Non’s narration in NHK Program.

Non will be narrating NHK’s program about the life of farmers after nuclear radiation leak from the March 11th earthquake.


“I want to remove radioactive materials from farmland that has been contaminated by the nuclear accident.” A rice farmer in Fukushima prefecture who is seeking TEPCO for only one point. Why are you fighting …

Nine years after the nuclear accident, some farmers have been fighting against TEPCO in court. Hiroyuki Suzuki, a sixth generation rice farmer in Tamamura, Fukushima Prefecture. We are not seeking financial compensation, but just wanting to remove radioactive material from rice fields. Over the past four years, no radioactive material exceeding the standard has been detected in rice from Fukushima. Why keep fighting?
Tune in, Sunday, December 22, 2019 broadcast

↓ You can watch it on NHK on demand.