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Let’s Build a Forest! Launching NPO, The Association of Speedy Land Trust

It all started when Ian asked me this question:

“As a businessman who travels the world as much as you, do you know how much CO2 emissions you release into the air?

A round trip going to and from Tokyo and New York releases half the amount that 1 person releases in 1 year.”

I was stunned.

Last year, Typhoon #19 hit Japan instilling fear and bringing direct damages to the Japanese people. To the Japanese people, Global Warming wasn’t an issue until this typhoon hit. Due to this tragic experience, people are beginning to take action and thinking about the future of our planet.

To be honest, I didn’t see the earth in such a way, at first, either.

That’s the problem.

Everything started with the Industrial Revolution. Due to the non-stop usage of coal for electrical power and the (mis)usage and disposal of plastic, our world has gotten warmer. (1℃ higher since the Industrial Revolution).

What We Know Now

The earth is releasing greenhouse gases (CO2)which are causing the following serious effects on climate change to occur.

  • The ice on Antarctica is melting and methane gas is being released into the air
  • The rises in sea level are causing natural disasters (catastrophic typhoons and forest fires, etc)
  • Disorder in the ecosystem causing poor crops (Malaria and other fatal diseases)

Worst Case Scenario of the Future

If this continues, by the end of this century, the earth’s temperature will rise 4℃ and cause destruction. We need to keep the earth’s temperature within +1.5 degrees by 2030.  If we can’t do this, the following will happen:

  • Climate change will fluctuate wildly and Antarctica will melt
  • The ocean’s ice barrier which has melted will expose the sun making it scorching hot on earth
  • The great tropical rainforests like the Amazon and Borneo will dry out and die releasing C02 gases
  • natural disasters that only occur once every 100 years will now occur every year
  • the sea level will rise 1m reducing the amount of space to live
  • frequent abnormal weather will cause high tides up to 5 meters bursting through embarkments
  • the permafrost on Siberia will cause methane gases to create huge explosions (25x C02)

How to Avoid This 

  • no more coal-fired thermal power plants (this isn’t the time to be receiving any more Fossil of the Day Awards from COP25! We must force politicians to make advancements on divestments and impact investments)
  • enhance reusing and recycling energy  (the business community needs to do better at this)
  • getting rid of plastic (especially in the ocean, we can do this with everyone’s efforts)
  • increasing our forestry  ←this is where our NPO comes in!

2020 Action Plan

  • first, we will make an official website which enlightens individuals on how to take action and receive donations from those informed individuals
  • we will receive donations from companies
  • we will host conferences to raise awareness on environmental issues
  • we will work with Ian Shimizu’s NPO, “weMORI” to raise global awareness

I invite you to join in our efforts to fight climate change.

(The Association of Speedy Land Trust)

1-4-36 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Representing Board of Director   Ian Shimizu

Representing Board of Director     Atsushi Fukuda

Board of Director         Satoshi Itou

Board of Director         Eri Mishima

Board of Director           Hideki Yamauchi

Administrator           Junko Io