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My Gene Analysis

I was able to find out my genetic information through Gene Life. My ancestors were born in the Siberian Plateau 30,000 years ago, and are only 7% Japanese. These people migrated from Siberia to Ainu in Hokkaido. Some migrated to Queen Charlotte Island in Canada, who became the people of Haida. Through the amino acid data in my genes, I was able to find out that my ancestors lived in cold regions eating fish and seaweed.

You can find out your DNA through your saliva and send it to Gene Life to be analyzed.http://genelife.jp/haplo/index.html

This is an amazing inside story! Taro Okamoto’s art piece, “Tower of the Sun”, was inspired by the Haida Clan. In 1963, Mr. Okamoto and Hachiro Shishi (Shoji Otomo’s father) received an invitation to attend the Japan Airlines Vancouver Service Commemorative. However, they snuck away and, instead, went to the Charlotte Islands. When they arrived, they discovered a totem pole from the Haida Clan. This is where he found his inspiration for the piece. This is a direct story from Hachiro’s wife, Ai Shishi. She also received a totem pole souvenir from her husband.