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Lecture at Yokohama Art University

Lecture at Yokohama Art University

I talked to 150 young, aspiring artists on how to update this generation. I also discussed Speedy’s future plans. From this, I presented 3 topics that, I believe, are in need of an “update.”

1.The best entertainment in the world

・ Create a new entertainment industry in Japan

・ Implement a first-class theater show in China

・ Introduce Japanese artists in Los Angeles.

・ Create a new base in Africa

2. Stop global warming

・ Start full-scale NPO operation that purchases forests such as Borneo

・ Donations using airline mileage

・ Reduction of greenhouse gases by consuming less meat, introducing plant-based meat.

・ Host private environmental summits

3.Education on longevity

・ Education of Precision-Medicine

・ Promotion of preventive medicine (A.I. utilization, genome analysis, etc.)