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A Visit to Hiroshima.

Every time I visit the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, I am reminded of the suffering it has caused. The world must not forget what happened. What happened to the people, and the innocent lives that were lost. War does not happen all of a sudden. The media has a huge influence and has control over the people over time.


The War on Iraq March 2003 is an example of this. Al Qaeda-Iraq relations were not revealed, and nor were the existence of weapons of mass destruction. The media could not confirm details of IAEA or the creation nuclear weapons.


The Gulf War, January 17th 1991. There was a testimony from a 15-year old girl from Kuwait of where an Iraqi soldier invaded a hospital, killing 312 babies. It was later known that the girl was a daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Another mistake from the media?


Vietnam War August 2nd, 1964. It has been clear that the attack from the northern Vietnamese torpedo boat on the Gulf of Tonkin was triggered on purpose. 2 million Vietnamese people were killed.


These are all examples of how the media can release false information, causing a ripple effect into the minds of the public. Possibly creating false accusations. The media only believed information that was released from the White House.


The Atomic Bomb Dome still represents the painful past.