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British Academy Award

Mr. Kazu Hiro has won the award for special make-up category at the British Academy Awards for the movie “Bombshell”. The movie will be showing in Japan from February 21st.

Congratulations to Kaz!

Wow!! Congrats, Kaz! You’re amazing! I’m proud of you as the same Kansai people!!! So excited!

#BAFTA #BritishAcademyFilmAwards @kazustudios

カズ・ヒロ氏、またもやオスカー候補入り。国籍と名前を変えた心境を聞く(猿渡由紀) – Y!ニュース https://news.yahoo.co.jp/byline/saruwatariyuki/20200114-00158572/