Speedy NEWS

“Speedy Gallery” is Moving From DTLA to Santa Monica in April, 2020!

LA Speedy Gallery is moving from DTLA to Santa Monica this April!

The new Santa Monica location is right next to Bergamot Station and is connected to other galleries. Out of the 29 galleries, we were able to lock down the best space (2400 sq. ft)! This space is 5 times bigger than the DTLA location. Also, the previous owner, Lora Schlessinger, provided a wonderful interior design, so we are able to fit 6 artist exhibitions at the same time!

Here is the new address:
Speedy Gallery, Inc.
2525 Michigan Ave B5B, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States

Official opening; April 25th (Saturday), 2020. *TBD


Day of the signing on 2/21/2020 with “Worthe Real Estate Group”  (left: Amy, right: Stacy). We have been working on the interior renovation since March.


Britney TOKYO, whose pieces were exhibited at our DTLA location in April 2019, came to see the new location.