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How to Not Create Panic Over COVID-19

Once upon a time, an inexplicable monster came into town and devoured the village, bringing fear to the people. Once someone put a name to it, “lion,” it was just became a lion.

People have this fear of the unknown about the new virus that puts everyone into a useless panic. I read a scientific article on Corona Virus (COVID-19) and gathered information on the base of the situation. COVID-19 is the formal name of the Corona Virus (given by WHO).

(1)How does a virus suddenly come about?
・The only purpose of the virus is to “leave offspring.” The only natural enemy of human beings who have risen to the highest beings on earth, are pathogenic microorganisms.
・There’s 200,000 years of human history, but 4 billion years of microorganisms. Even though humans fight infectious diseases by various countermeasures such as maintenance of water and creating sewage systems, spreading medical facilities and systems, improving nutrition, these microorganisms with lurk in animals like bats and attack people while repeating mutation. They are relentless and strong in survival.
*An excerpt from an interview with the author of “World History of Infectious Diseases, ” Hiroyuki Ishi.

(2)What kind of virus is Corona Virus?
・It’s a new type of cold virus. The formal name of the virus that caused it is SARS-CoV-2. It’s actually a type of SARS from a long time ago that became a new type of common cold bacteria.  That makes me feel a little reassured.
・The mortality rate is only a few percent, and it’s toxicity is lower than other infectious diseases that have caused pandemic. Even though it’s small、the power of the infection is strong. Even if you carry the infection, it might not develop and you could pass it on to someone else. If the people who catch the virus have an immunity within their body, and the amount of people with this immunity increases, then the speed of the virus weakens.
・Currently, the flu that is running rampant in the U.S. is killing (14,000) more than the Corona Virus. There are 2,663 people with the Corona Virus (as of February 24th).

(3) 3 patterns on fighting the virus
・Humanity wins and eradicates the virus (like smallpox, polio, etc)
・Live with the virus (inhabit the body as a resident bacterium. Once upon a time, there were some deadly bacteria that coexisted peacefully like Herpes).
・Constantly fight the virus, repeatedly (chickenpox, the flu, etc.).
・Corona Virus is probably the third. This means either using antibodies without completely getting rid of the virus, creating a vaccine, or healers for people with infections increase, decreasing the infected population and the disease gives up.

(4)The current condition on developing a vaccine
・According to the World Health Organization(WHO), although it is not approved at this time in any country of the world, there are more than 70 combinations of drugs or drugs worth trying. The following are representative development projects.
・Avigan, an anti-influenza virus drug made by FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical, Co. (Favipiravir).
・Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug, Remdecivir
* This is the company that created the Hepatitis C drug that became a huge hit
・AbbVie’s anti-HIV drug, KALETRA (generic name: lopinavir/ritonavir)
・However, vaccines take years and time to develop, and if we don’t go outside waiting for vaccines, humanity will end in a different way. So actually, things will settle before the vaccine becomes available.

(5)In Conclusion (How long should I be afraid?)

・More antibody carriers will heal on their own before the development of a vaccine
WHO claims it will take 15 months to develop a vaccine. This means the spring of 2021. Hearing this will make you panic, but I want you to stay calm. Like the time of SARS, people were healing before the vaccine became available. Look at the above mentioned ways of fighting the virus. Inevitably, we will be coexisting with Corona Virus for a while.

So, you need to strengthen your immunity to control the onsets of the virus. Just because the flu is rampant, there are people who get the vaccine and don’t. This time, even when we get a vaccine, there are people who will not get vaccinated and heal on their own.

・It will become too popular and commoditized, and the media will get tired of the press.
Now, 83,000 people are infected、and the people who heal in days、just like with the flu,  they heal and walk the streets and go to work. The body can also create antibodies、so that people will not get the virus for a while. In other words、there is a threat that people are dying from this new illness, but it might be just as common people who die from catching a cold that becomes pneumonia.

I’m not trying to say, “COVID-19 is scary,” I’m saying it’s best not to create useless panic over the issue and giving you information.  You should gargle water, wash your hands, but not going out could cause depression and create more deaths by suicide than the disease which is sad, so let’s think about this rationally and judge from there.  https://kadobun.jp/feature/interview/9yhcdzonav40.html