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Results From My Autologous Lymphocyte Culture Therapy to Increase Immunity

Immunity is important!
…And because of this、it’s my 8th time being administered Autologous Lymphocyte Culture Therapy(1000x cultured activation)and here are the results.

If you’re in your 20’s, your immunity level is about 100. Whereas, in your 50’s, it falls to about 20. My NK cell activity is about 60 which is pretty good for my age.

The manga pages I attached below is titled “Cells at Work” (author/artist: Akane Shimizu).  It’s a comedy that personifies body cells. When a foreign substance like a virus enters the body, the virus killers called Killer T Cells fights the virus. The number of killers equals the level of immunity. This manga makes the body easy to understand.

This treatment, in general, is called regenerative medicine. This is the ability of one’s body to regenerate on its own as a medical treatment. If you cut a lizard’s tail, it will grow back, but it takes 326 to regenerate. By the way, the human gene has 3.7 billion bases. In recent years, AI has read at tremendous rate these genes and what roles they place.

Professor Yamanaka discovered that the role of these genes could be elucidated, cultured, and transplanted to regenerate skin, blood vessels, muscles, and bones with the discovery of IPS cells.

The next challenge will be Autologous Stem Cell Culture Supernatant Treatment. It’s said to be an anti-agent. I’ll report again soon!