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March 21st is, A Day of Beginnings! A Support Message From “NON” to You (Daimaru・Matsuzakaya)

It’s Spring! Here’s a support messages to everyone from “NON.”

March 21st is A Day of Beginnings.
A guide from Daimaru・Matsuzakaya.
What will you begin?

“NON” chooses an original song perfect for spring and introduces at Daimaru・Matsuzakaya!


When you become an adult

If you don’t start something on your own,

nothing starts at all.

What you begin now

After a year, 3 years, 5 years you will be able to build on yourself.

That’s why with a 3.2.1… let’s begin.

If you go for something, your situation will change, your words will change,

your connections with other people will definitely begin changing.

There’s no entrance ceremony or graduation ceremony when you’re an adult but,

If you wish for a new tomorrow, and start something new,

today becomes an anniversary for you.

March 21st is A Day of Beginnings.