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BCG Vaccine Going to Clinical Trials for COVID-19


BCG Vaccine Going to Clinical Trials for COVID-19

Summarizing my friends discussion, I also have my own views. For reference only.

the BCG vaccine is given when you are a child in Japan. It’s a weak version of Mycobacterium Bovis, which infects cattle, but also prevent systematic infections.

As you can see from this world map, Africa, Italy and other countries, do not vaccinate with BCG.

Is there a difference in COVID-19 outbreaks between DDR and West Germany with our without BCG?

There are many incidents in Spain (5,820 deaths/ 72,335 infected), but Portugal next door who vaccinates with BCG has overwhelmingly few incidents (100 deaths / 5,170 infected).

The difference between the US and Mexico is also astounding.
Now, Mexico is telling Americans not to enter their country. I do not know this world, anymore.

This is only for reference, so please keep your social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and sanitize.