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What is Lockdown?

I entered the US and went to Los Angeles for a work trip the day after there was an emergency declaration in the US (3/10/2010).

It was like a busy day every day after that.

1. The day I went to LA、the town went on Lockdown

2. The next day the mayor ordered the townspeople to stay at home.

3. The next day、there was a mandatory “Social distancing ” in public places like supermarkets(6 ft distance from person to person)

Wearing masks and gloves and using alcohol sanitizer are the basics.  By taking a small amount of alcohol and keeping your social distance, they say this prevents you from getting infected by 80%.

And then, the next day, after returning to Japan, I was shocked by everyone enjoying the cherry blossoms while having picnics and acting normal.

This is because, in the beginning of February, Japan has somehow survived the new virus that began in Wuhan, so they are completely relaxed. They closed schools, and thought that the epidemic had passed. However, in Europe, especially Italy, the epicenter of the virus, you wouldn’t even think it’s the same virus as in Wuhan, because it’s not only killing people with underlying illnesses or the elderly, it’s spreading to healthy, young people, too.

L.A. County reports first possible death of a coronavirus patient under 18

On top of this, people who don’t abide by the stay at home rule, are to pay 400USD penalty if caught, and this includes going to beaches or the park which are closed.

Coronavirus: LA mayor says city will shut off water, power to open nonessential businesses

Today、as of 3/22/2020、the US are ranked at the top of most infected in the world.
On both March 21st and 22nd, the people of Tokyo were asked to refrain from going outside and large supermarkets and department stores were closed. While restaurants and other places are still open for business, there are rumors of a lockdown going into effect in Tokyo, as well.  There has been a record high number of infected persons in recent days (yesterday, it reached over 60 people), and if the number of infected persons reaches over 100, there is a high possibility of a lockdown.

People are just frightened, but there have been many cases in Europe and the US, so I would like to introduce them to dispel any concerns.

First, I’ll introduce the 7 conditions for being able to leave the house during lockdown in France (March 25th-present).

・For employees who cannot telework and must go to and from work.
・Purchase of necessities for businesses where work is permitted, and purchase of daily necessities such as food where business is being permitted.
・For medical examinations that cannot be performed remotely, urgent examinations, or hospital visits for chronic illness.
・For unavoidable family reasons, to care for the elderly or disabled, or caring for children (for divorced parents who co-parent).
・For one hour a day (1km), of light exercise for personal health (This excludes group sports activities and contact with others), and you can walk with your family members who live with you and/or pets.
・If you’ve had a summons from the administration of justice or government.
・Participations in missions at the request of the government.

And this is the approved list of places ok to work permitted by Governor David Ige in Hawaii.

・Hospital, medical-related work
・Places that sell food supplies and medication
・Related to agriculture and fishing like farmers, fisherman
・Educational personnel
・Non-profit volunteers and community volunteers
・Petrol and fuel related work
・Money related jobs like banks and insurance
・Hardware equipment and parts related
・Health related
・Shipping and transportation related
・Laundry service
・Places that manufacture commercial foods
・Airlines, taxis, etc.
・Housekeeper and helpers

FULL TEXT: Governor Ige Orders Hawaii to “Stay At Home”, Lists Essential Operations

From this point of view, it may be okay to go for a walk with family or your pet in less popular areas for an hour.
For the purpose of health, it may be possible to say you can escape the city to go to the countryside.



Understaffed supermarkets are hiring.

Lunch provided to applicants at a high school.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discussing the penalties that will be placed on those that do not follow the stay at home rule.

After the lockdown, restaurants are only allowed to offer meals to-go. Drive-thru places are popular.

People are lined up properly with social distance.


If people are inside the house too long, this can cause stress, so people have been having “front yard parties.” This is when people stay in their yards or go to others and talk to neighbors from a distance.