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NON On the Cover of Spoon April 2020 Issue, Break Through the Line, Special Feature!

NON is on the cover!

Spoon latest issue:April 2020  (available from February 28th for purchase) Publishing company: KADOKAWA
Break Through the Line  Special Feature

Other than being from head to toe in UNDERCOVER on the cover、and taking photoshoots in full NONTOKYO apparel,  For the first time in 6 years, she has once again starred in a new film “Stardust Over the Town.” and hereafter there talk about activities with  “Sosaku Artist” too!

(Regarding the scene in “Stardust Over the Town” in which the character, Ai, plays the guitar to “Shinjuku no Onna”) “When discussing the scene with the director, he said that there might not be a need to play the guitar, but I (NON) said that if I’m playing the role,  then I will play the guitar otherwise it doesn’t make sense. And so it became the scene of her playing the guitar while singing “Shinjuku no Onna.”