Speedy NEWS

Launching Speedy Live!

Speedy, along with leading creators and artists are bringing the world together with the 5G era of live streaming entertainment.

Our celeb agency artists, musicians, DJs and furthermore our “Entertainment Channel” are joining together  for live steaming with various genres such as rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling), via smartphone and television. (Beginning at any time this month).

As for art, we will partner with Curat10n, to recreate Speedy Gallery Los Angeles into a 3DCG virtual gallery. Even at home, you will be able to feel like you’re strolling through a gallery and you’ll be able to purchase just by the touch of a button on your screen.

These services won’t just be limited to Japan. We will link with Speedy China as well, live streaming amazing content originally from Japan simultaneously to the whole nation of China through streaming services like“bilili” and “ACfun.”

We will link with many excelling platforms such as organized lives for THE COO “Don’t Stop the Live” and one-on-one  “WithLIVE” chatroom experiences with your favorite artists.

I believe that post-Corona era will rapidly lead to the popularization of 5G, and create a world where you can enjoy new live content from anywhere around the world.

Speedy will introduce each new content as the occasion demands. Please look forward to it!

Atsushi Fukuda

Speedy’s Live Platforms