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Considering a New Order Post Covid-19


“It was a small business for them, but for Earth, it was a big event that had never been experienced.  It was as if a flock of spaceships came pouring down without any warning. ”

This is a a rough translation of a passage from Arthur C Clarke’s (35 at the time) first novel, “Childhood’s End (1952).
The invaders came from “Overlord,” a planet where advanced intelligent creative live. The “Supervisor of the Earth”, Karellen, quickly conquered the world. This wasn’t to slaughter earthlings and force destruction upon the planet, but for those in regions with racism, he caused a solar eclipse that stopped the sun, blocking heat and light, and for those who inflicted pain and cruelty upon animals, offering the same pain. 。
By taking these measures, it forced humankind to make peace with one another.

Without knowing their true forms or intentions, the story continues. The story has a surprising plot twist, so if you have an interest, I recommend reading this novel. It really makes you think.

I can’t help but think of COVID-19 when looking at the aliens in this book written 70 years ago.

The irony is that, this virus is reducing the amount of CO2 emissions like never before and returning Earth into a beautiful planet again.

Supervisor of the Earth, Karellen, says:

“The planets you may one day possess. But the stars are not for man”

The era of post COVID-19 cannot simply return to the way things were, but move forward and consider being kinder to the earth and creating new order.


Atsushi Fukuda


For Reference:

Childhood’s End  (KobunSha Classics) Arthur C Clarke


Due to the environmental effects of COVID-19、greenhouse gas emissions have decreased.