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What is This Vague Sense of Anxiety, Now?

What is this vague sense of anxiety I’m feeling now?

It’s true that, because you can’t see the threat, it creates even more anxiety.
You can’t feel a sense of a normal lifestyle.
Flying unknown objects from North Korea or conflict in the Middle East, although threatening, doesn’t seem as unsettling as this.

The danger of this virus is that we can’t see the article. It feels like someone is watching me, like the virus is an invisible human being lurking around me.
If you’re told, “If you leave the house, you will 100% die,” then you won’t go outside, but if you’re told “If you leave, (insert percentage here), you will die,” what would you do?  This feeling may be the current situation we’re in.

You may think, “If my chance of dying is the same as my chance of winning the lottery, there’s no way I’m gonna die,” or “I’m definitely not going to catch it,”  but, no one actually knows. 「

This anxiety makes me think, “I’m losing my sense of reality.”

After COVID-19,  “How will I regain my physicality (offline)?” will become the most important theme for humanity.

←Be accepting from others. Breathe before criticizing and slandering others online.
← I’m dancing and singing to music from the 80’s. LOL
←If you’re in a bad area, stay inside for the time being.
←I recommend the #1 meditation app used by 50 million people, “Calm.” This is an inner trip.