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Corona Thoughts: Humans Are Not the Rulers of the Ecosystem

“In sufficiently large quantities, which were readily available over three-quarters of the earth’s surface, it could also supply adventure, beauty, strangeness, wonder – as well as an almost infinite menagerie of strange creatures, which even the most exotic planets might find it difficult to surpass. So I left the swimming pool and rediscovered the sea.  “

This is a column from SF author, Arthur C Clarkes’ book written in 1967 called, The View From Serendip. 。
He longed for space, so I went diving to experience weightlessness.
After all, he was obsessed with the sea just as much as space.

This week, I found a very interesting article about the bottom of the ocean.

In Alabama, USA, a bald cypress forest that existed 60,000 years ago has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean. A team of scientists are researching the potential to harbor new compounds for medicine and biotechnology. Their focus is on a bacteria found in wood-eating “shipworms” which is a type of clam. The researchers collected the ancient wood and found 300 different animals in the wood. 100-200 of these were used to make culture plates to sample for microbes where they identified 100 different strains of bacteria.  12 of these strands are undergoing DNA sequencing to potentially create new drugs.

Their results and genetic information could be applied to the development of new antibiotics such as anti-parasitic remedies and pain killers, and anti-cancer and anti-viral agents.


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Humans thinks they rule the world, but they are not the rulers of the ecosystem. We should be humble challengers and try to survive in this world while living in harmony with nature, even if nature is a threat to us.