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Corona Thoughts: “Proof of Testing Negative for COVID-19” Generation

From now on, our generation might have to show more than just a picture ID for identification.

We will become the generation to show “Proof of Testing Negative for COVID-19.”
Even the beloved Tom Hanks might not even be able to get his friends to come around after being infected, despite healing and creating an antibody to the virus, becoming stronger than before.  H, and others will be considered weak to society and this will become a huge problem.

The seasonal flu infects 10 to 20% of the population per year. If the Corona Virus reaches this rate, we will not be able to treat everyone normally.

Now, there’s no vaccine and you may be avoiding places where infected people might be, but there will be a day when this will all pass. I think it’s best to remember that. Let’s not create new prejudices and disconnections.

Seeing the news of people wanting to visit some country in Africa with infected people and destroy it gives me complicated feelings.