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Corona Thoughts: The World, Society, Will Inevitably Change in a Big Way

The world and society will inevitably change in a big way.

First of all, the world situation is led by China. Beijing and Shanghai have already resumed economic activity.
China is first to land back on its feet and support others around the world. The country to lend a hand first and give large donations to WHO, to support African countries and Italy when they were in a great crisis, was China.

Ventilators, masks, face shields, and protective clothing are all made in China.  Maybe China’s politicians are thinking about support and promotional costs as a strategy for holding hegemony post COVID-19. It’s a nice contrast to the ever-closing US.

The US is too conscious of presidential elections and excluding immigrants, causing its GDP to drop dramatically. The US will lose its power and China’s power will be recognized.

Nations like China, Korea, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Taiwan who understand science, IT, and AI and have well-informed leaders who can make policies for the future will prosper while, other countries without these traits, will suffer. Countries like Japan, America, the UK and Sweden with leaders who have shown poor imagination in crisis will be forced to find new leaders post COVID-19. Their first thought was that this virus wasn’t a threat when they should have thought to take measures just in case.

How will society change? Prefectures like Tokyo and Osaka that are avoiding COVID-19 with their 3 measures rule, makes living and working dull.

Remote work will further expand the digital divide of companies, and the restructuring of incompetent office managers and removal of offices will continue.

Small and medium-sized businesses with venture qualities may even throw their offices away. Open share offices and digital nomads (lifestyle of working and studying while traveling and making full use of IT) will be penetrated.

With 5g being released in September with the iPhone 12, work style reform and homeschooling will further activate, and a suburban society with a lot of greenery will be rapidly progressed.  This is a chance to revitalize good regions.

There will be a widening gap of motivated students with net learning giving them the potential to advance and skip grades, and school function will be seen as a safety net for students who are not good at studying. I think schools should accept nomads, and not just students from the region. A school with exceptional online classes will be a business for online students rather than real students.

Furthermore, with the rise in people staying at home (nest-dweller consumption), there will be large boom particularly in live entertainment and live commerce.
Radio, especially, has a chance to catch new needs. Radiko is inconvenient, so people in Japan don’t really use it, but listening to Podcast on Spotify is interesting. Being able to listen to live recordings is very post Corona.

In real locations, leisure areas such as travel and art will be V-shaped.
The way of spending leisure time at home is still great after lockdown, and those who can afford art and furniture, can begin to add more color to their homes.

And lastly,  to maintain and develop a society in this new world, we need to develop social programs to fill the gap between the rich and poor with COVID-9. With our current politicians, I don’t think this is possible, so during the next elections, make it count!