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Corona Thoughts: Let’s Acquire Strength in Remote Trust!

Before COVID-19, “work” meant getting on a crowded train, having meetings and discussions with employees and clients, and doing the work you were assigned.

However, post COVID-19, people will ask about Remote Trust.

Remote Trust is building a trust with people you have never met in person and working together. For example, ordering millions of jobs to people you don’t know is remote trust.
Now, we’re just interacting remotely with people we know. Post Corona we will need the strength to acquire remote trust as a business skill.

Continental people like Chinese and Americans are already used to remote work due to the size of their country.  People in NY, LA, Beijing and Shanghai can work normally with people they don’t know. They make frequent phone calls to people far away. People who LINE message their subordinates who are right in front of them like in Japan will not be able to expand their business.

The biggest issue post COVID-19 is how to repair the island nature of the Japanese, where you cannot work unless you entertain and get along.