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Corona Thoughts: A Leader’s Knowledge is to Run Away, Avoid, & Hide?!

When there is danger, a leader’s knowledge is to run, avoid, and hide.

When hearing this, you probably think, “Yeah, maybe you!”
Let’s put aside national leaders and leaders who must fulfill their social responsibilities and look at small to medium business owners, like myself,  who focus on these 3 important principles. ←Sorry.

At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I was Sony Digital Entertainment’s president. As soon as there was shaking, I immediately ran down the stairs from the 35th floor, being frowned upon by my employees. ←Sorry, again.

I have good reason for this though. On the first floor of the building, there is a convenience store where I can buy towels, disposable head pads, rice balls, etc. I bought all that were in stock for the staff that came down and even to a mother with her small child who was in the neighborhood. ←This is a kind of movement you make after 3 days where you stop buying up the stock. I did after about 15 minutes after the earthquake, so forgive me.

The next day, I started a donations program through NTT Docomo using the i-mode billing system called “SAVE MIND, 100 CREATIONS”. I was one of the first to start sending support for the relief.

This time, as soon as the Corona Virus broke out in Wuhan, China, I gathered support from my celebrity talents, and, together, we donated masks to the cause. I was prepared to make difficult donations from Japan to China. This happened on January 26th, 2020, only 3 days after the lockdown in Wuhan enforced by the Chinese government.

Furthermore, on February 6th, I went on a business trip to New York, where I heard that Asians were being beaten for wearing masks in public. In response to this information, I made sure to take my mask off as soon as I left the airport. After this experience, on March 17th, I went to Los Angeles for another business trip. There, I experienced the lockdown in LA, the stay at home enforcement, and social distancing in the few days I was there. When I returned to Japan, I was surprised by the lack of enforcement in response to COVID-19.

However, after supporting Wuhan for 3 months, and the unbelievable things I experienced in NY and LA, from April 2nd, I decided to run from Tokyo and reside in Okinawa for the time being. From the outskirts of a Corona Virus-free Okinawa village, looking at the world like Arthur C. Clarke, I think about the things I can do.

My job is to entertain. That’s all I can do.
That’s why, when there is full-force 5G network, I will be providing the top streaming entertainment content. Speedy Live!

To effectively use the leisure time that has increased to do being confined to one’s home (stay home), I launched an environmentally friendly publishing company. Introducing new talented authors that existing publishers do not cover, I want to contribute to increasing the spread of knowledge.

Still, for humans to become strong, I believe being able to “run, avoid, and hide” is important. From being able to show weakness, we become stronger.