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Post Corona Thoughts: V-Shaped Recovery from Lockdown!

Lockdown is finally over, and there is concern over the economy.

All businesses aim for a V-shaped recovery. Of course, if there wasn’t such a bottom in the first place, the only way to recover is V-shaped, but it’s important to analyze each company in regards to COVID-19, first. .

(1) Timing is important. Some companies put out  their commercials to the fullest.

1. Kowa “Vantelin Pad EX” (muscle pain, stiff shoulders) 13400%
2 Recruit “Study Sapuri” (online class)  489%
3. Ryukakusan “Direct Stick” (throat  medicine) 296%

Looking at the results, these are products related to the stay at home rule. Given that there are competitors, I reckon they had taken a drastic budgetary measures before the new fiscal year.

COVID-19 Turbulent Commercial Situation  Which Companies Increased Their Ads with Demand for Nesting?“ (in comparison to the previous month) (Japanese)

(2) The ability to innovate!  The industries that have been hit hard are both light and dark.

Kentucky Fried Chicken +20.6%
Torikizoku ▼96.1%

Even if it’s the same chicken, there are places and stretch and places that slump. Drive-thru is said to be popular, but KFC made most of their profit via takeout. KFC was successful because they were also developing new products during the pandemic. A good idea, a leader who can take it on, and employees that follow are key to success.

April sales, Decrease in izakayas (Japanese-style bars), Why Hamburgers Are Doing Well:Asahi Shimbun Digital (comparison to last year) (Japanese)

(3) Financing. Now is the time to rethink your relationship with the bank!

If venture companies and banks can accommodate new credit measures, they can create a new normal.

Corona Correspondence, Over 100 Year Long-Lived Companies First to Raise Money (Japanese)

(4) For a simultaneous crisis, You should review your relationship with shareholders and long-term management!

Column: Corona End to Myopia Management, Quarterly Outlook Cancelled One After Another (Japanese)

(5) Now then, What about your company?

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