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Post-Corona: Before You Look, Jump!

If people can’t read the situation, they panic. However, when a situation becomes unclear, there are people who sit and panic or people who become energetic, ready to show their talents. Those people aren’t trying to control the situation,  they are able to accept the chaotic situation.

That’s why if you’re doing something messy that the people don’t around you don’t understand, it’s fine. They just don’t understand. However, the ferocious energy stimulates human sensibilities and follows them.

There is a Japanese song called “Sudara Bushi” about the saga of a happy-go-lucky salaryman who is unable to avoid the temptations of drink and gambling with the resonant lyric “I know it’s wrong, but I can’t give it up.” But really, it’s “I don’t understand.” “I don’t understand, so I can’t give it up.” Otherwise, I don’t think I could be such an energetic person without grounds.

Anatomist, Takeshi Yourou
“There is a Word Called Crisis Management. It’s a Crisis When You Can’t Manage it, But it’s the Current Person Who Dares to Manage it.” NHK Ohayou Japan (Japanese)