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Post-Corona Thoughts: The Secret to Remote Work


What’s the secret to remote work?

Finally, lockdown is over and we can start a new work style.  #NewNormal
There are hundreds of discussions, mainly in magazines and on business websites, about work style reforms, but what is your idea of the #NewNormal?

First, my image of remote work is as follows:
“A person at a cafe typing away on their computer is moving a crane at a construction site far away.”
It looks really easy, but it’s actually quite a lot of work. lol

The question is whether a new large business can be done with a person from abroad who you’ve never met before. If that is case, trading companies or remote work might suit you.

・ In the end, it’s work that you think can do wherever you are. Not “you can do” but “think you can do.”

・For business negotiations, you can go on business trips, meet with clients in person, via zoom, it doesn’t matter which pattern you choose. Negotiations are choosing whether to proceed, to decline, or to examine. As long as you can do these things, anywhere is fine.

・And, the most important thing is how you discuss.
When giving ideas, boiling them down, or inflating them, I am fine communicating via phone. I think this is the suitable choice for talking to people. I don’t need a Zoom meeting with an advance notice. Calling someone on the spot is the most natural for me.

According to famous architect, Phillipe Starck, if he has a tranquil space, paper, and a pencil, a good idea will come, however, it may take some training to reach such a level.