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For the 13th Anniversary After the Passing of Genius Editor, Masaru Uchida: 3 Important Conditions to Live By-Eat Often, Speak Loudly, Don’t Lie.

Genius editor, Masaru Uchida, made mangas like “Star of the Giants”, “GeGeGe no Kitaro“, “Kamen Rider“, “Tiger Mask”, “Ashita no Joe“,  “Tensai Bakabon” a hit and brought Hajime Tsuburaya’s “Ultra Q” out of the warehouse, making it known to the world.

May 30th was the 13th anniversary of his passing. Due to COVID-19, no one was able to gather to remember him, but I hope to visit his grave next month in Iruma.

Masaru Uchida has made a huge impact on my life as my mentor.  He often spoke about his 3 important conditions to live by-eat often, speak loudly, and don’t lie.

In 2007, when I asked for advice on my business, he told me, “I will give you advice, but I will not have a discussion.” He taught me implicitly to make my own decisions as the CEO of a company.

↓ This is a blog article of when he passed away (2008).

↓Right before his passing, he gave a special, soulful lecture just for my employees.

Even today, whenever I have important decisions to make, I can feel Masaru Uchida alive inside of me, giving me advice.