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The Relationship Between “Pandemics and Humanity” in the History of Art


I watched NHK nichiBi “What People Drew After The Plague.”

Historically, art has played a role as a witness to history with huge pandemics such as the plague and smallpox. In Japan and European art, witches are for some reason given the shape of bats. I wonder if they knew intuitively that bats were hosts.

Now, in the midst of this, there was a German medical doctor and humanist,  Hartmann Schedel, (1440-1514)who wrote The Nuremberg Chronicle (Published in 1493) which was very informative.
Based on the Bible, this book is a chronological and humanistic chronology of strange things and strange stories about world history and geography.

In this book, there is a woodcut illustration.

Before the plague epidemics, people were enthusiastic about religion, but as people gather in the same way as they do today, infection spreads, and some people gradually deny the existence of God.

At the far left of the woodblock print is a figure of a demon who beat a hoax to a prophet who swirls the crowd. The hoax disguise is similar to the current situation.

Gradually, there were hoaxes like “Jews threw poison in the wells.”

An unreasonable massacre was carried out, deciding that the Jews who crucified Christ were the main cause of the “plague”.

The peoples’ anxiety and fear turn into bulling just like SNS slandering today.

Coming from the countryside back to the city, I can see that currently, this abnormal collective psychology seems to be moving.

We start to think about humanity’s attitude.
Believe in science. Then, we should be able to create politics that can move society with your own knowledge.

As in the US, home-country priority and isolation move away from the solution. Advocating conspiracy theory without believing in science allows dictatorship like Hungary. If the world divides, economic development will weaken and the world will stagnate. If that happens, it will be a historical catastrophe beyond our imagination.

On one hand, I want to believe that humankind will overcome this pandemic like others in the past.

If the people take a democratic and responsible attitude, global solidarity will be strengthened. Even if there are casualties, I think that it will lead to great progress for humankind as we look back later.

3 things the virus has brought to people.

(1) Strong advancement in scientific engineering.
There is an urgent need for accompanying medical care, virus research, and food nutritional improvement.

(2) Being sensitive to politics.
Don’t allow looters to expand their power or sneak by taxes.

(3) Creating new global economic activities by using the latest technology.
By humankind becoming more united than ever before, a new trading area will surely be born.

Instead of being forced by politics or struck by conspiracy or hoax, think for yourself. It is time to reflect the power (cultural standard) that has influenced us in politics.