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Edo Period Power Food Gives Immunity Power!

According to Japanese agronomist, Takeo Koizumi’s email magazine article below, Edo Period power food was as written in the text below.

Miso soup+tofu+natto (fermented soy beans)+deep fry
These 4 types of soy food were eaten often. Soy has almost the same protein as meat. It’s protein triple intake. In other words, soy = meat, so in one day if you drink 3 glasses of soy, it’s amount the same as people today who consume proteins such as animal meat.  Moreover, soy doesn’t have cholesterol or fat, so it’s a healthy food like no other.

What are the 7 ideal main dishes in Japan?
Root vegetables, rape leaves, fruits and vegetables, wild vegetables and mushrooms, beans and soybeans, seaweed, and grains (rice/wheat)
Not meat, fish and eggs.
The reason you don’t need to eat meat or fish to get protein is because beef and soy have exactly the same protein content of 17%. Soy don’t have bad cholesterol. The body doesn’t oxidize, so you don’t age. Soy has nothing but good things.

A powerful vegetarian like this consumes a lot of fiber which strengthens the intestines.
The intestines are so important to humans that they are the second brain, so the intestines, which have been strengthened with fibers, help immunity and make people live longer.

NK cells (Natural Killer) in immune cells have strong natural healing power and fibers that support them.
Speaking of fiber, root vegetables, burdock and carrots are rich in minerals.
If you don’t get enough minerals in your diet, you become angry. Anger prevents longevity. Laughter brings fortune.

Edo period power food makes the intestines strong and give you immunity to help you live longer.

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