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Corporate Friends: Is Corona DX(Digital Transformation)Flawless?

After Corona business in DX(Digital Transformation -The concept that IT will change people’s lives in all directions in a better direction) must be thoroughly enforced.

3 ways to avoid the spread of coronavirus measures, labor saving for COVID-19、digitalization of hospitality are important.

・3 ways to avoid the spread of coronavirus.
Visualize congestion information and inventory information of stores and publish on the site. Status of visits by day of the week and time of the day. In addition, introduction of dynamic pricing during times when there are few people (such as sales when people come during times when there are few people), and issuance of coupons for visitors using beacons that use apps like LINE. Business opportunities can expanded this way.

・Labor saving for COVID-19.
In addition to labor saving by introducing AI temperature measuring machines, it is also used for data marketing such as visitor attribute information. There are some places that distribute plastic bags with masks inside to visitors at places like restaurants, but I believe that it is essential to introduce a mask and a C-UV-LED (deep ultraviolet) light that can also be used for smartphone charging.For disinfection inside the store, it is important to invest in equipment such as sanitized LED lights and new air conditioning.

・Digitalization of hospitality.
If a visitor registers on owned media (in-house weather site), you can get advance information and sale information that you can not get when you visit the store. Omni-channel (an attempt to melt the boundary between real and net) should be promoted with this opportunity.

…If you talk to consulting business, request have been increasing by word-of-mouth, so if you need such cutting-edge #CoronaDX measures, please consult with me.