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Measures Against COVID-19: Scientifically Strengthening Immunity (Autologous Lymphocytes+Cytokine)

【WIRED】Does COVID-19 Weaken the Immune System like HIV? The key is the “T cell.”

The article is very informative.

One of the causes of the aggravation of patients who are infected with coronavirus is the runaway of the immune system.

It has been found that there’s a dramatic loss of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, in the blood of patients. That is one of the reasons that the coronavirus can infect and destroy T cells which make up 70-80% of lymphocytes.

The number of T cells continues to decrease due to “invasion” and eventually the body loses control of  immune system. After, a cytokine storm occurs, killing the patient.

I get 2 treatments that perfectly prevent this.

The first treatment increases the number of soldiers that protect themselves from the enemy called self-lymphocytes and defends. Then, although the remaining virus attacks the blood vessels, the components of the stem cell supernatant (cytokine) strengthen the blood vessels, making the treatment almost perfect.

I get autologous lymphocyte therapy once a month. I get cytokine treatment a number of times a year.

Not stressing out, getting plenty of rest, and eating healthy things like fermented soybeans (natto) regularly is important, but I also recommend getting treatments to prevent any future health problems.