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Post Corona Thoughts: Make a New Business Scene with Art

“Art is intuition. Intuition is the sensibility that is cultivated throughout humans’ long lifespans as living things. By contrast, the company is a world of numbers and business performance. It is a world in which someone who brings in only intuition will meet with summary rejection. However, reality (including nature) does not conform to the numbers put on paper by humans.(omission)

The artistic mind is essential for management going forward, especially an artistic imagination for the post-coronavirus. As noted earlier, artistic imagination coming from the intuition can create a new space within a person’s thought, which allows for flexible thinking. The society that realizes the growing need for intuitive and right-brained talent will likely achieve evolution in business, from design management to artistic management.”

“Artists as the Next Leaders 〜Creative Minds Post Corona” (Author: Brand Consultant, Atsushi Fukuda)

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