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Speedy LIVE! Raiko Sakamoto Online Narration! Film『Kokushi Musou』(20 min) 6/27(Sat)5pm

Famous Japanese benshi (narrator) Raiko Sakamoto will narrate online live on June 27th, 2020 (Sat)!(Available for viewing after live stream).

Many years ago, silent films used a katsudo benshi (narrator) to enliven the works.  This story was set in the Edo era of Japan. There was a sword master by the name of Iseno Ise who was praised by the people of Japan for being the best swordsman. A fraud appears and the real Iseno, with anger, confronts the fake. However, is the fake strong, as well? Please enjoy this classic era comedy full of satirical spirit by prodigy director, Mansaku Itami.

Speedy LIVE!
Raiko Sakamoto Online Narration! Film 『Kokushi Musou』(20 min)
June 27th, 2020 (Saturday) 5pm-5:30pm
Ticket: ¥500 (w/ tax)
Directed by=Mansaku Itami Starring=Chiezo Kataoka 1932. Kataoka Chiezo Production

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