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Facebook Live!【Post-Corona Innovation】Conceptor, Naoki Sakai x Brand Consultant, Atsushi Fukuda / Date: 6/27/2020(Sat)From 10:00!(Free)

Facebook Live!
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Speedy, Inc.’s Chairman and CEO, conceptor, Naoki Sakai, and brand consultant, Atsushi Fukuda, released their publications around the same time.

Please, take this chance to access and watch us discuss our thoughts on society post-corona.


【Post-Corona Innovation】
Price: free
Date: June 27th, 2020 (Saturday) from 10:00 (1 hour)
Media: Facebook Live
↓Either account is OK!

Naoki Sakai

Atsushi Fukuda

・How to get rid of the coronavirus
・Changes with post-corona (work, study, life)
・Post-corona and innovation

Accepting questions.

Naoki Sakai “Koukishin to Inobeeshon, Joshiki wo Tobikoerun Hito no Kangaekata”  (Curiosity and Innovation-Ways of Thinking for People Who Jump Over Common Sense)

Atsushi Fukuda  “Artists as the Next Leaders 〜Creative Minds Post Corona”