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“NON” is Head of Advertising Headquarters “Junjo Iwate” New Commercial!

“NON”, Head of Advertising Headquarters, “Junjo Iwate” New Commercial Released!

Until now, there were plans of  “new commercials,” and “making announcements to the mass media.” However, due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, these plans were suspended and, currently, not in the a situation where it’s expected to resume.

Then, a new commercial was created by editing past videos of NON, “Expansion of Consumption of Agricultural and Livestock Products From the Prefecture” and “Ale for Producers Who Strive Daily to Produce Agricultural and Livestock Products”

Included in the message of this CM are photographs of the decreasing consumption of beef and milk due to the effect of COVID-19,  photographs of producers in various parts of the prefecture, and NON in action as the PR for the expansion and consumption of products.

■TVCM15 seconds Thoughts on the Junjo brand Advertising Headquarters
■TVCM15 seconds Thoughts on the Junjo brand  Producer version