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Post-Corona Thoughts: Let’s Leave the City!

Jane Jacobs wrote a book in 1961 called “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” which writes that the city is humankind’s invention.

Before coronavirus, as well as 1.5 million people from the countryside gathered in the city a week. With that scale and speed,  the city of Los Angeles could be filled in 2 months.

After coronavirus, enterprises in densely populated cities needed to rethink their strategy.

In the modern IT era, work-style reform via remote work progresses. The way of urban development will be completely destroyed.

The city is no longer needed as a place to work efficiently or meet friends and family.

In NHK news coverage, there was research on 45 companies about the travel industry in New York. Skift CEO, Rafat Ali, decided to withdraw from his building because the business wasn’t doing well due to coronavirus.  He says that now there are many new technologies that allow you to connect with customers without meeting face-to-face. The employees communicate via online lunches and renting share offices 1-2 times a week.

Also, almost 30% of his staff moved away from New York. In that 30%,
Some of them moved to Texas 1,400 kilometers away and moved to a 1DK detached house with quadruple space, and a garden   with a rent of ¥350,000 per month.

I think that this sort of thing is normal post-corona.
By the way, Japan seems to be the only country that’s different. As usual, the trains are packed, and a percentage of people have returned to the office.

I’ll say this many times, there’s still now cure for coronavirus, and it will take a year and a half to spread the vaccine.

However, I think we should improve our lack of reality that we cannot understand such facts.

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