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Post-Corona Thoughts: To Be a Digital Winner

I’ve been receiving an increasing amount of inquiries from company presidents saying that they are looking for this type of person and what should they do. DX(digital transformation)is a cool word, but understanding it is a different story. The only thing you can do is test it out.

Business person
・people who don’t know how to use Zoom or never know
・people who don’t have Wi-Fi and try to work remotely from home
・people who don’t receive benefits from the government and still use flip phones
・people who always try to make fax orders

・Store managers
・Still making people disinfect with alcohol.  (Need to attach Deep UV-LED)
・Checking temperatures by hand(need to incorporate an AI thermometer)
・Doesn’t know how crowded a place is(You can see via Google Maps)

How to be a digital winner
It would be great if someone created #NewNormal era manual. It’s important to have digital intuition.