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“Zen” As a Tool to Expand Your Imagination

“Zen” As a Tool to Expand Your Imagination.
If you install “zen” into yourself, you can create surplus in your heart. It’s like when you have a computer with a large amount of space for data, making it easy for work efficiently.

In Okinawa, I was enlightened by “ON THE TRIP” CEO Yuki Naruse, and wanted to learn more so I visited Toryo Ito at Ryosokuin Zen Temple


According to Toryo, “zen” is when “I becomes We and becomes Here.”
“Oneness”  is when someone other becomes yourself.
As I imagine being considerate of others, will I be able to become one with the world?

“Zen” has an image of being a type of training in Japan (zazen, vigilance), but it’s become a type of relaxation process in the west.
I also felt that everything was different from the essence.

Once, Google apparently had an infinite number of circles with one being the “Zen Circle.” The people who were in that circle have all left Google, so the circle disbanded. Maybe, if you master Zen, you feel the distance between yourself and your company.

According to Steward D. Friedman’s book, “Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life,”  there are four domains of peoples’ lives. Work + Home + Community +Self.

Work, life, balance is bad because you try to balance and trade one thing over the other.

Knowing what is important to you. Consistently showing the values that seem to be important. Put these actions in to story and you will be able to find value in yourself and express it to others.

Having these “standards of value for ourselves”, even when you are given a job, you need to consider it carefully with your own values, so it will become your own flesh and blood.

As you become distant from work while remotely working in the current conditions, there is value in using “zen” as a tool.