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“NON’s” As the Official Supporter for Huge Project with Odakyu Along the Sotetsu Line “1000 DREAM PROJECT”

“NON” became the official supporter for Odakyu along the Sotetsu Line for a huge project called “1000 DREAM PROJECT..

The TV commercial will air from July 20th, in certain regions.

“NON’s” appointed promotion from July 1st, 2020 with Odakyu Line Sotetsu Line vision, Ebina Station vision, Odakyu Line Sotetsu Line JR on the Sagami Line window, and more were posted for transportation advertising.

This project is undertaken by Nippon Kowa Real Estate Co. Ltd, JR West Japan Real Estate & Development Company, Tokyu Land Corporation, Odakyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Sotetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

This project is branding in Ebina, a city that is steadily evolving as a terminal and shopping area in central Kanagawa prefecture.