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Making Full Use of Internet, Open Source Investigation (Public Information Survey)

This was an interesting program. Now research coverage is only available on the internet. This is an era, too,  in which you can investigate without the talent of the 4 subordinates in Ironside.  ←My apologies for the old metaphor.

BS1Special  “Digital Hunter~Follow the Online Mysterious Survey Group~」 -NHK OnDemand (Japanese)

The technique of open source investigation (public information survey) investigates incidents in hidden parts of the world. You don’t need interviews, but information made public on the internet, Google Maps, Facebook, etc. for a detailed analysis to reveal the case.  It covers specific cases such as the Cameroon shooting.

First, it’s possible to analyze the unknown video of the shooting and who posted the video as a base. The location is identified on Google Maps based on the shape of the mountain in the background. The position of the sun is grasped from the shadow, and the season is specified. The country of the soldier is also identified from the gun and uniform.

The Cameroonian government arrested military personnel based on the BBC report that it had discovered.
Please watch this segment. I highly recommend.