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What is Denmark’s First “Constructive Journalism” ?

What is Denmark’s First “Constructive Journalism” ?

Gerd Maria May (Member of Constructive Institute)

“Constructive journalism is not happy news, and it is not advocacy news. Constructive journalism is rigorous reporting on problems and solutions.

We know that people are turning away from media because we are showing them the problems but without any solutions. That is, to me, so obvious. Okay. Let’s try and do something about that. Of course, we show them the problem, but let us show them some solution or give them some hope. “

Denmark’s local station “DR”, broadcasts a program called “Public Service” which widely seeks solutions from listeners and moves the information to the minister to establish solution paths.   DR is a nationwide broadcast.

For example, some listeners called and emailed solutions for food waste such as a specialty store that sells ugly fruits and vegetables at a discounted price, making kids prepare their own lunchboxes to create interest, and making Sunday a “leftover” day to eat what you didn’t finish throughout the week.

With regard to “harm of fishing nets”, “constructive journalism” has achieved a certain result, as experts have started to use app-based nets to collect them.

“Public Service” host, Jesper Borup

“When we started a few years ago, we started to experiment with daily news journalism. We wanted to make it different. It was always too much criticism and too much downside to stories to journalism and they were missing constructive stories in the news media. They were missing journalists who followed stories until the problems were solved, so that we could hear about problem solving and we could hear about actual problems being solved in the news.

I think that it’s a satisfaction, not only as a radio listener, but as a citizen in a democracy. It’s a satisfactory feeling that you can actually take part in solving the problem.

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