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Tonight! After “Sho-ten” is “Speedy Live!”(feat. YOSE CHANNEL)Online Yose! Top Batter, Master Taihei Hayashiya Makes His Appearance!

Finally, tonight, after “Sho-ten” is  “Speedy Live!”(feat. YOSE CHANNEL)Online yose (seating)!

Top batter, master Taihei Hayashiya makes his appearance!
There’s still time to buy tickets and the live is available for viewing later if you missed it the first time!

Ticket Purchasing URL: https://speedyLive.zaiko.io/_item/327584

■Performer: Taihei Hayashiya
■Date: July, 12th, 2020 (Sun) 6pm-7pm (60min)
※Viewing Period:until July 15th (Mon) 6:59pm
■Format: Live streaming(viewable through the electronic ticketing platform  “ZAIKO”)
■Ticket:¥ 1,650(w/tax)