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Corona Thoughts : The Virus as a Man-Made Disaster That Arose from the Earth

COVID-19 did not come from Wuhan, China.
It came from the solar system’s earth. And it’s a man-made disaster caused by humans.

The distant cause of the novel coronavirus is climate change.
Deforestation in Borneo and the Amazon destroyed much of nature. Then, the viruses trapped there spread all over the world finding new homes in humans. The background lies in globalization.

Japanese people began to realize after Typhoon 19 last year, but the heavy rains in western Japan centered on Kumamoto are at a level no one has experienced before due to global warming.
It’s the same scheme as the coronavirus outbreak. You must recognize this.

The termination button on the earth was pressed because people did not listen to it.
Global warming won’t end unless we learn to coexist with nature.

Tomoko Konoike FLIP / Artizon Museum