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GoTo Campaign Plan, Problems with Conceptualization.

GoTo Campaign Plan, Problems with Conceptualization.

If I was a political advisor, I would first begin with the fields that have the greatest impact and have potential to grow. I feel that’s only natural.

In a broad sense, 70% of Japan’s GDP is classified as the “service industry,” but I find that misleading.
In fact, all the tertiary industries (electricity/gas/water industry, wholesale/retail industry, finance/insurance industry, real estate industry (housing leasing industry, other real estate industry), transportation/communication industry, service industry) are included.

If all but the primary industries (agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry) and the secondary industries (mining industry, manufacturing industry, construction industry) are regarded as “service industries”, you think just from the image of this word that, “Ah, the tourism industry must be saved!” However, it is better to think of the tourism industry as a part of the “service industry” within the “service industry”. So it is not an industry that must soon be saved. However, unfortunate.

According to the definition announced by the Cabinet Office, the “service industry” and “manufacturing industry” are about 25% each, for a total of 50%. Then about 10% each for retail, real estate, and transportation/communication, totaling at 30%.

Looking at the growth trends of each of these industries, considering the development of industries that will lead Japan’s future with damage from the coronavirus until vaccine development, we should concentrate our investment in the three fields of medical care, communication, and education.

#Medical Care :Vaccine development and research by own country should be required. Fighting new viruses should be budgeted rather than the military. In addition, we should give more protection to the first responders (police, fire department, doctors) who are struggling during the pandemic. We should focus on elderly people who are vulnerable to coronavirus and welfare personnel who care for them. The number of treatment beds needs to increase.

#Communication :
Unfortunately, now we should accelerate investment in the Internet, rather than tourism, 5G network development from Wi-Fi,  and cashless over cash. Follow Estonia’s example, with its abolition of discriminants, online voting, and full-fledged computerization of various delegation procedures. We should emulate Fujitsu and take subsidies and tax exemption measures to promote remote work for companies.

#Education :
Strengthen STEM with Adapted Learning (program education tailored to individual ability). Strengthen AI, with the training of drone engineers. Rather than making school fees free of charge when there is a physical school location, we should urgently improve the law to create an environment where students can study online.


Regarding tourism, transportation, and food and drink, I think it will be inevitable to implement thorough measures to reduce congestion and reduce costs until January 1, 2022, which is considered to be the first year post-coronavirus. In other words, I think it would be realistic to take subsidies and tax exemption measures and be patient for the next 1 1/2 years.