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Speedy Live! Online Producer Era (15 Live Streams in 3 Months)

This is the filming location of Taihei Hayashiya’s Online YOSE (Speedy Live! feat. YOSE CHANNEL).

On April 11th, “Speedy Live!” began with Ray Yamada singing acapella at Miyagi Beach in Okinawa

On May 5th, NON’s  “NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE” Series began, and streams monthly now.

On June 19th, vol. 2 streamed.

On June 20th, top Youtuber, Yuka Kinoshita streamed a live for Chinese views via Weibo, with over 100k viewers each time. We’ve currently streamed twice.

On June 27th, Raiko Sakamoto began his “Live Narration Series.”

Lilie Matsumine, who’s popularity extends all the way to China has streamed 6 lives so far.

Also on June 27th,  FacebookLive began with guests such as Naoki Sakai and Yukio Kitsukawa who held current conversations that were well received.
On July 4th, vol. 2.

On July 12th, “YOSE CHANNEL” collaboration with “Online YOSE” series began. Next live will stream tomorrow, July 19th, with master Koraku Sanyutei.

Although the boom of online live has arrived due to the pandemic, Speedy is quick to tackle this field and is of its world’s best know-how abilities. In 3 months, we’ve broadcast 15 live streams!

It’s harder than you think to combine online distribution and production features.

You have to solve all problems at the same time, such as switching the camera, recording parts, inserting the telop, relaying information from outside, securing internet connection, etc. I don’t think that conventional program producers could handle this very well.

I hope young people aiming for the world of video will take this opportunity to establish a new occupation title called “online producer.”

…Is it okay for me to be the leading online producer? lol

Atsushi Fukuda