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“I Turned 55! A New Year, GoGo Momentum!” Atsushi Fukuda

I turned 55! It’s a new year and it will be a year full of GoGo momentum.

When I was a child I was born into contrariness where, “You must not touch this button” became “Press without hesitation” and
“Give up ” became “Do it.” I’m so grateful to my mother and father who let me live freely.

People can’t do the things that they normally can. For example, opening a champagne bottle. Or putting gas into a car. I’m so thankful to the friends around me who have helped in these types of situations.

Despite this, I have lived without basis the confidence of knowing that I had something special since childhood.
Even though it’s crazy, I move forward. Even if I don’t need to say something, I will scream it.
If someone tells me “don’t do it, don’t do it,” I want to come back with a new plan that will be useful.

The more you play, I’m sure you can find a job you are good at, so don’t give up! I look forward to a new GoGo year with you all!