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A Crane is a Thousand Years, A Tortoise is a Million.

A Crane is a Thousand Years, A Tortoise is a Million.
My two grandmother’s names were Tsuruko (crane) Fukuda and Kameshiro (tortoise) Sato. In other words, I am the grandson of the crane and turtle.

If a human tries hard, they can live 100 years.
A human that can only live 1/10 the lifespan of a crane, and 1/100 the lifespan of a tortoise.

Human life isn’t just about longevity but also the quality of life. Humankind has been faced with the reality of “death” due to coronavirus. In considering the suicides of young talented actors and the euthanasia problem due to intractable diseases, it may be necessary to not consider how not to die but how to live more.

I still don’t know the meaning of life.
For me, I want to find the meaning of life with new challenges. It can be a trivial matter. Something different from yesterday and a matter of degree.
Only then can you discover yourself.

When adventurer, Jacques Mayol, was 55 years old like me, he was able to successfully die 105m (1983).

Even so, I’m not going to attempt the same challenge. hahaha
Everyone, let’s challenge ourselves and live to the fullest!