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Corona Thoughts: Human Greed vs. Viruses

“Human Greed vs. Viruses”

I you look from the novel coronavirus side, you can see that they’ve adapted to human society beautifully.
The ability to infect from person to person was very high.

Matching with human society was amazing in that we were infected by the basic communication of human life, talking, shaking hands, and eating together.

With the vaccine taking a year to complete, what should we do in order to fight the virus?

Coronavirus loves human greed.  If so,  the only thing to do is not be selfish and abstain.

The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu expressed his ideals of ignorance and greed saying that, “The more you learn, the more you get knowledge. The more you acquire “the way”, the more you lose your knowledge.”

He said that throwing away what he wore on and removing the waste to reach the “nothing” would become one with “the root of all things”.

When you take a bath in nature or let yourself drift into the waves of the sea, you may feel a sense of oneness with nature.

I wonder if the virus will lose interest in humans when it reaches a predicament, and doesn’t approach us for a while.

When in Okinawa, you live bare, so the greed disappears. I spend all my time reading and never communicating with strangers.

We must fight with coronavirus for at least another year. The only lifestyle for now might be that “On a fine day, work in the field, and on a rainy day, read books” which is called “seikoudoku” in Japanese.