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Fukuda Ceremony “Zen” Style

Being in nature everyday in Okinawa, I became interested in Zen. The picture is me pretending to meditate in Zen! lol

My interpretation is that Zen is a new way of thinking.
Introduced by entrepreneur, Yuki Naruse, I participated in Myoshinji  Zenryu Kawakami’s Zoom Zen and read his book, and listened to the words of Ryosokuin Zen Temple’s Toryo Itou which I’m studying.

These 2 make Japanese Zen easy to understand for Westerners.
I also am now able to understand mindfulness in Zen through the western explanations. It is easy to understand for people without history.

First, the hard to understand background of Japanese Zen.
・Like religion
・Image of penance
・Difficult terms

Below are the points I believe I was able to understand.
・You don’t need to understand religion to think
・You don’t need to sit in zazen, and you can wear whatever you want.
・Kawakami’s English is easy to understand.

Fukuda Ceremonial “Zen” Style
・I get sleepy, so I practice in the morning for about 10 minutes.
・Be on the beach or in nature without paying attention to surroundings. *A family restaurant might also be good.
・Separate from your smartphone and listening to music.
I make make a memo of what came to my mind for those 10 minutes.

I heard that humans can only concentrate on something for an average of 23 minutes, but I am impatient, so I can only pay attention for 5 minutes and concentrate for the last 5.  Sauna’s are also nice, but I can’t write down memos there.
However, when a good idea comes to mind, I stop my meditation and write it down right away. It’s my way of thinking.

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