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Online Salon “Conceptor Naoki Sakai’s Near Future Lab” Guest: Atsushi Fukuda

I was a guest on Naoki Sakai’s Members Only Salon.

I always admire the way he able to read the current generation with such speed.
I am also quite fast when it comes to collecting the worlds information, but I can’t compete with Mr. Sakai.

If you haven’t joined the salon yet, I highly recommend it. It seems that even corporations can join.

Online Salon “Conceptor, Naoki Sakai’s Near Future Lab”
Part of the discussion with Speedy, Inc. President, Atsushi Fukuda has been released for free!

▼Atsushi Fukuda’s New Publication
“Artists As the Next Leaders〜Creative Minds Post Corona〜”
Please read.

A comment from Naoki Sakai.

“Mr. Fukuda has an instinct for inputting information about work and play through his five senses and is constantly updating himself.

He is a businessman as well as creator. The information he inputs is edited and output by utilizing both the right and left brains. For him, everything is an experience with his body, and his reflexes are everything in times of dramatic change. As with the experience of Lehman and COVID-19, a carefully planned five-year plan collapses at once.

It is the emergence of super businessmen who can use their intellectual physical ability to flexibly survive the changes that occur on the spot.”