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Tired of Detoxifying by Reading SNS

One of the reasons for launching Speedy Books was because of the feeling of wanting to connect questions about social trends. In order to answer these questions, I felt that a new publishing media was needed.

In the last few years, with the development of SNS, there has become an emphasis on people connecting. The recoil was huge. Connecting is a pretty good thing, but the freedom not to connect should be guaranteed. If connecting is strongly enforced, I think it will become the mentality for Japanese during a war. A social mood that doesn’t allow exceptions will form.

In particular, the Japanese pressure to conform is so prevalent that it cannot be explained to other countries. To the point that SNS comments will lead to imminent suicide of celebrities. By the way, is difficult to explain “death from overworking” to Westerners.

“Is slavery in Japan? If not, then why wasn’t that person stopped from being worked to death?” is something I hear often. Given that the liquidity of human resources is weak and  there are 70% workers and office workers, it might be the case that they can’t get out even if they want to.

Let’s return to the topic of reading. In the first place, reading can be said to be the latest online behavior, but the ultimate offline behavior. To think about the world while feeling the world, alone.
Maybe it’s loneliness, or maybe it’s a way to recover after being exposed on SNS.

Reading interrupts a temporary think “link” and teaches us about the breadth and diversity of the world. It teaches us that we are fine just the way we are.

Author, Motojiro Kajii’s main character in “Lemon” gets rid of his insecurities by buying an especially beautiful lemon.  Imagine the act of terror by placing a lemon on the top of a book at a major bookstore.

French writer, Albert Camus’ main character in “A Happy Death, tries to become happy by killing someone he knows and becoming rich. With money, he believes he can have more time to be happy.

Kōbō Abe’s main character in “The Woman in the Dunes” visits a village to collect insects where he falls into a hole he can’t climb out of and is forced to live a woman, as he gives up on life.

It is a publication that tells us that there are various ways of thinking through such reading.

It is the media that is being sought after in this era, because it is possible to provide this diversity, and it has the greatness and depth of a publishing business.

スピーディ社では、新たに出版事業”Speedy Books”を立ち上げることにしました。